Friday, February 10, 2012

Are We Radical?

I've been re-reading some of my old books, and finding them very challenging. Even though they were written at different times for different generations they are still very poignant today. Arthur Wallis's book The Radical Christian is a case in point. Find a copy or dig out your old one and prepare to be challenged afresh.

  • Without the Holy Spirit active in the church, or body, are we alive?
  • Is it possible for a body of Spirit filled people to not be radical?
  • Do we bend to His will, or expect Him to work within our structures?
  • Is the Sunday gathering a completely predictable affair?
  • When and if the Spirit challenges complacency, do we agree, say wasn't that a good word and then do nothing?
  • In smaller gatherings (life group/house group) are we able to coast along without much interference?
  • Do we really worship?
  • Do we like happy praise songs, but the quieter worship songs drag on a bit?
  • Is there a continuing stream of new growth in the body that stays?
  • Why don't new people stay?
  • How easy is it for people to come through the narrow gate?
  • The prophetic word is nice on a Sunday, but would we miss it if it was gone?
  • Are Tongues and the Prophetic about as much of the gifts of the Spirit we see or expect.
  • We see where change should come but don't want to upset anyone?
  • Do we look to natural methods or supernatural?
  • Is good looking media more prevalent than Spirit life?

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