Thursday, November 28, 2013

Oh Lord, HELP!

I think this statement may be the most important one I have ever written. It's simple, something we may agree with, and yet where is this church...

  • I believe the Church is built by the Holy Spirit. (basically look at the New Testament, especially Acts)
  • The Holy Spirit uses Gifts (people) and gifts (spiritual abilities) to accomplish this (Ephesians etc).
  • The outcome is a Church showing love towards each other, His power at work and His presence with us. (for presence I do not mean that happy feeling after singing a few songs, think more about what Jesus presence was like in the Gospels & Acts)
  • When the Holy Spirit is overlooked as the builder, the Church relies more on events and entertainments to attract people. (it's the equivalent of putting up a banner saying 'We have no power', the sort of things Jesus never had to stoop to).
  • The Church may be extremely successful with this agenda but it is ultimately doomed to stagnation and overtaken as the Spirit finds a people who will be obedient to Him.
I just feel sometimes like I will go mad if I sit through yet another service which is identical to the last. One you can set your watch by. One where it feels Holy Spirit was somehow left outside...and if He was, would we have noticed anyway? You know that verse: 'behold I stand at the door and knock', you realize that wasn't spoken to unbelievers? That was Jesus knocking on the door of the Church. He wasn't there!
I feel like I may just be sick the next time the church suggests going out on the street to give away eggs at Easter or cakes at Christmas...I want to see a church known for healing, for miracles, for supernatural signs and wonders...not balloons and free pens.
Oh God, how did we get in this state? How do we get out of it? What will you have to do to us to get us back on track? Are we really your supernatural people here on Earth? It doesn't look particularly like it to me.

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