Thursday, March 7, 2013

Is Something Wrong?

Have you ever started making one of those flat pack furniture products? I have, and on more than one occasion I've got to the end to find something didn't fit or was in the wrong position. It's disheartening. You want to take a hammer to the whole thing, but instead you take another look at the instructions and try to find the place where you went wrong, and then take it apart and put it right.

I've just been thinking of this, this lunch time. I think something's wrong. In the Church. Somewhere, quite a long time ago, maybe even before we were born, something has not been done right, and just when we think we are near completion we've ended up with something defective.

What were we building? Maybe some of us don't even have any idea. I'm no expert, I'm nobody, but I was hoping to see the Church, The Body to move and act just like the Body of Christ should. In power, in love, in presence, in a dimension that I've only read about happening someplace else, some time else.

I'm tired. Tired of people talking about the presence in the meeting while I wonder why I missed it, and if it was His Presence, is it possible to miss it? What would it be like, His presence? Maybe I wouldn't even be able to stand. Maybe there would be laughter, tears, maybe even some falling over dead?

And what would His Power be like to see in action. Maybe people being healed there and then on the spot, and that this wouldn't be a one off or a story we drag out from the locker: 'remember when this happened", but a daily thing. Maybe people would be challenged as the Holy Spirit was allowed to take charge of the Church He is building, rooted to the spot in fear of their lives if they do not repent there and then. Maybe miracles would be seen, wonders and signs.

Is this all pie in the sky, or is this incredible description actually the life style of what should be your average, normal Christian?

So, where did we go wrong?

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