Tuesday, November 13, 2012

There's no sync button

I recently bought a new computer, and even more recently upgraded the hard drive. What makes it easy to not lose any information during these upgrades and changes is the ability to sync things. All your old files, web pages, passwords, nearly everything can just be synced so you are right back where you were before the upgrade.
The Holy Spirit doesn't like sync buttons.
When he 'upgrades us' through the process of the Cross, even what we considered the best part of our old lives, the bit we think of as 'not that bad' is unwanted by the Spirit. He doesn't want any of that old life coming through.
What I mean by that is, sure you may have been a good accountant before you were saved, and after you probably are still a good accountant. But, whatever skills you bring with you, or think will be an asset to the body...aren't.
It is only when there is sacrifice (death) does the fire come. Or to put it another way, only after the Cross has done it's work on you or any part of your flesh that has tried to cling on does the Spirit empower.
I know that's not the best news to all those working merrily away in their own power, in their own strength to their own ideas and agendas, but unless the Cross does a thorough work the Spirit will not place his seal of approval in empowering on your work.

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