Thursday, May 17, 2012

Being Lonely

I usually cycle to and from work.
A very regular site on my cycling trips are the (what I call) 'Gadget Zombies'.
Gadget Zombies seem to waddle in a strange zig zag pattern, not looking where they are going, because there attention is fixed to their phone. Or they do not hear me asking to move over on the cycle path because they are plugged into their iPod.
It seems gadgets in and especially out of the house are becoming more and more prolific. And although they can be extremely useful I think for the most part they are causing a lot more harm than good.
I'm not talking about radiation or unseen waves of some sort, not even ear or eye damage, I'm talking about loneliness.
I think if asked, 100% of people would say loneliness is not a good thing, and I would probably say the same, except there is a part of life where loneliness is healthy.
There are times in life when we feel alone, apart from everyone else, we feel a hunger in us for something we can't put our finger on. These are times that are designed for human beings to crave and long for their maker. That is a very healthy thing to do. Not just healthy, but essential for life. I mean real life.
Unfortunately, those times are becoming scarcer and scarcer as we fill them up with Facebook and music and what is, on the whole, just inane.
Try this: Turn your phone off. Leave your MP3 at home. Don't bother with the TV or PS3 tonight. Turn the PC off. Go for a walk, or just sit quietly. Let your hunger lead you to the Lord.

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